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Videos of symposium presentations

Due to technical difficulties on the day, some presentations are not available for viewing.

John Hartley – Open Literacy: Digital Games, Social Responsibility and Social Innovation

Henry Jenkins – Art Happens not in Isolation, But in Community’: The Collective Literacies of Media Fandom

Yu Shan – Is There a Sustainable Business Model for the Virtual Reality Game Creators in China?

Antranig Sarian Ethical Self-Reflection in Papers, Please

Samantha Owen – Navigating the Civic and Weaving the Civil: Community Literacies and Playing Across Spaces

Madison Magladry & Michele Willson – Playing the Game, or Not: Reframing Understandings of Children’s Digital Play

Liam Miller – Minecraft and Dewey: A Model Open Source Community

Katie Ellis & Kai-Ti Kao – Who gets to Play? Dis/ability, Innovation, Gaming

Luke WebsterMarvel, Star Wars and the cosmic quest for peace: Commercial, transmedia storytelling and emerging social responsibility