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In 2021 CCAT’s research programs are:

wall art of woman's face

Digital Intimacies

Led by Dr. Amy Dobson




'we own you' street art

Innovation in Knowledge Communication

Led by Prof. Lucy Montgomery




indigenous drawing

Indigenous Culture and Digital Technologies

Led by Prof. Kim Scott




crop patterns

Posthumanities, Animalities, Environments

Led by Dr. Matthew Chrulew




Overflowing bucket of popcorn with headphones on

Digital Disability, Mental Health and Social Inclusion

Led by Prof. Katie Ellis





Hands from two different children holding a smart phone
Pexel image/credit: Cottonbro

The Digital Child

Led by Prof. Tama Leaver









Brightly coloured animated images on a TikTok event poster

Social Media Pop Cultures

Led by A/Prof. Crystal Abidin