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Indigenous Culture and Digital Technologies

Indigenous culture

Indigenous culture in Australia and elsewhere is communicated using contemporary media (including online platforms, software, apps, mobile devices and social media) and popular-cultural practices (including sport and entertainment), as well as by traditional forms (song, story, ceremony, etc.). This program explores how Indigenous people and groups can make practical use of the affordances of contemporary digital media and technology to consolidate and produce culture and knowledge, not only to find new ways to communicate Indigenous issues internally, but also to extend and improve understanding of those issues among wider populations.

Program leader

Professor Kim Scott, Professor of Writing, MCASI, Curtin University


Professor Steve Mickler, Head of School, MCASI, Curtin University

Professor John Hartley, John Curtin Distinguished Professor

Professor Niall Lucy, Professor of Critical Theory ♦

Professor Len Collard, ARC Research Fellow, Indigenous Studies, University of Western Australia

Jess Coyle, PhD Student


Media and Indigeneity

Indigenous Culture and Digital Technology

Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories

ARC grants

2017-2019 ARC Discovery ‘Mobilising song archives to nourish an endangered Aboriginal language’, with Dr Clint Bracknell and Professor Linda Barwick. University of Sydney (IN170100022)

ARC Indigenous Discovery (2014-16). “Noongar Kaatdijin Bidi / Noongar Knowledge Networks; or, Why is there no Noongar Wikipedia?” (610, 000 AUD, administered by UWA), led by Indigenous researchers Len Collard (UWA) and Kim Scott (Curtin), co-investigators John Hartley and Niall Lucy (Curtin).

ARC Linkage (2014-16). “Participation versus performance: Managing (dis)ability, gender and cultural diversity in junior sport” (200, 000 AUD, administered by Victoria University). Principal investigator Sean Gorman.

ARC Indigenous Discovery (2012-2014). “Developing narratives from language and stories indigenous to the south coast of Western Australia”. (103, 000 AUD). Principal investigator Kim Scott.