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The Centre for Culture and Technology (CCAT) is located at the intersections of disciplinary and creative boundaries, and operates as a portal to cutting-edge research in media, digital practices, culture, theory and new technologies.

The Centre focuses on national competitive grant schemes and international research collaboration in cultural, media and journalism research, the creative economy and cultural science.

The proposition that motivates CCAT research across these fields is that the study of culture, with its emphasis on identity, meanings, relationships, power and values, needs to be better integrated with the study of media and digital technologies, especially the internet.

Our 2020 research programs:

  1. Digital Culture and New Media, led by Dr. Amy Dobson
  2. Indigenous Culture and Digital Technologies, led by Prof. Kim Scott
  3. Innovation in Knowledge Communication, led by A/Prof. Lucy Montgomery
  4. Digital Inclusion and Media Access, led by Prof. Katie Ellis
  5. Digital Asia Research Node, led by Prof. Michael Keane
  6. Posthumanism-Animality-Technology, led by Dr. Matthew Chrulew

CCAT hosts two journals: